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Georgia’s determination to establish and secure its deserved place in the civilized world community and integrate into Euro-Atlantic structures was confronted by Russia’s unceremonious politics, which grossly violate all internationally accepted laws, norms and ethics: Occupation of Georgian territories (Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region) as well as recent energy supply and economic blockades.

2006 Explosions of Georgia’s main natural gas and electricity supply lines on Russian territory, was followed by import restrictions on Georgian wine, mineral water, citrus and agricultural products imposed by Russian Federation.

It is paradoxical that, same Georgian products which were restricted on a Russian market due to so called "falsification" and "poor quality" even to this day, receive medals and certificates of recognition issued by Russian experts.

Clearly, import restriction imposed on Georgian products is a political maneuver, testaments to which are official resolutions enacted by Russian Duma and statements made by individual Russian politicians.

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Luke Zet said...

Totally Agree with you! Yesterday 50 Russian Airplains have been in the sky of Georgia Bombing: Villages, Civilians, Tbilisi Airport Radar, and Gori! I think Russian Government is still thinking as they are mighty communistic regime!