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Today I came to the conclusion that August is the most "vacationable" month of the year. I counted at least 10 friends telling me about their intention to take a break and leave for places where the sunshine is brighter, where the air is full of blossoming relaxation and where every day is full of joy and glamorous events. That is, away from everything that carries the scarry name of "JOB" :) .

However, the sweetness of the upcoming vacation carries sometimes the burden of such quesions like: "where to go", "what hotels to choose", "should we go by the car or take a train", "if flying, what airlines are better" etc.

The good thing about these questions and answers it that the positive findings of some of my friends are fully used and overused by the rest of our group, as a result of the "word of mouth" kind of recomendations.

The same was the case this year, when a couple of friends from our group decided to spend their vacation by taking a tour of Europe's main cities. It was then that they discovered a great site that offers answers to the list of questions I mentioned above: directline -

What the found on that site was a great guide that offers a professional online assistance while looking for some extraordinary city breaks, flights and holidays. Thus, for instance, they managed to get a wonderful vacation by just using the online bookmarking on this site, which, by the way offers a rather appealing discount, for that matter - 50 £.

The rest of us decided to do the same thing two weeks afterwards. We got on that site and put up a list of the short breaks and weekend breaks we were about to resort to when tired of wondering about the most wonderful cities of Europe. The good thing about directline - is that they offer a hand picked selection of hotels combined with the most inexpensive flights, which was more than ok with us, a bunch of udergraduates.

And another good thing about this site is that they have a partnership with Eurostar, so it is also more than recommended to book online at directline - because, not only do you get great City breaks, but you receive as well negotiable Eurostar tickets. After which, you can easily select a 2 day weekend break or a more leisurely short break in 69 cities all over the world.

What I also like about this site is that, apart from the great city breaks searching tool it offers, it contains as well a lot of useful data, among which a great City Guide with information put in such categories like:

* General
* Getting Around
* Things To Do
* Weather
* Essentials

All in all, I encourage you first of all, to take a tour of the greatest cities of Europe too, and, second of all, and the most important thing, before making anything else, use directline - to plan you trip. You'll never regret it!

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