List of blog directories in which you can enlist your Blogger (blogspot) or Wordpress Blog, part 3

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Here are the last 20 Blog directories you can enlist your blog in.

1. BlogBunch -
Topical listings.

2. Top Blogs -
A toplist-style ranking tool, where readers vote for their favorite weblogs.

3. Alliance Of The Anonymous -
Lists members who have posted the organization logo on their blog.

4. I Like Blogs -
Picture directory of weblogs.

5. I2blog -
Categorizing bloggers by their country, interest, and zodiac signs.

6. Front Blogs -
Add and browse the weblog directory that is sorted categories concerning their topic. Homepage features links to the five newest posts and weblogs.

7. BlogCharts -
Find weblogs by popularity or rating.

8. Wutzle -
Allows users to rate listings in the directory.

9. Big Blog Media -
Containing articles and reviews.

10. Blog Toplist -
Categorized and sorted by popularity.

11. Start4all: Weblogs -
Startpage with links of webloggers. This page contains bloggers all over the world with interesting stories. Also links of famous webloggers and weblog tools, media, portals and meetings.

12. BlogStreet -
Profiles, RSS ecosystem, and search.

13. -
Topical listings with hit counters.

14. -
Categorizes by topic.

15. Quick Blog Directory -
Organized by category.

16. Industry Blogs -
Cataloging the business blogosphere.

17. Bigger Blogger -
Free listings, sorted by category.

18. -
Searchable directory. Ranks the top 10 hottest sites in each category.

19. Root Blog Directory -
Weblog directory and RSS feed aggregator.

20. Blogoriffic -
Free blog directory and blogger community.

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INconstantIN said...

Hey:)! U're welcome, hope you find it useful!