Widgets for your Blogger (blogspot) or Wordpress Blog: The Address Book Access Widget

The Address Book Access Widget is a simple-to-implement snippet of JavaScript that you can embed on any web page. The Widget allows visitors to a particular site to (1) seamlessly import contacts from multiple address books, (2) select entries, and (3) enter selected data into web page forms. For the millions of existing Plaxo members, the Widget allows them to access their complete Plaxo address book directly from your site.

What would be your benefits while using this widget?

  1. Let your users access their existing address book from your site Save them from typing in their friends' e-mail addresses AGAIN.
  2. It's really easy to set up …and you can avoid having to write your own Hotmail import.
  3. It's FREE for you to use No strings, we just want everyone to have an up-to-date address book.
Here's a simple example of the Address Book Access widget in action. So, if you would like to have such a widget on your Blog, go to plaxo.com and have it installed in just a few seconds. Enjoy!

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