Internet Explorer 8 Beta Download and bugs discussion

With the announced demise of Netscape I was speaking about in Final goodbye for early web icon: Farewell, Netscape! and Mozilla 3 launching plans as you could read in New search powers lead Firefox 3 and Microsoft Readies Internet Explorer 8 Beta, the Internet Explorer 8 Beta is getting more and more attention from the Internet users.

 Internet Explorer 8 Beta

To read more on bugs and innovations, visit this link on the Microsoft Forum You can also read an excellent article on the browser war between Internet Explorer 8 Beta and Mozilla: IE 8 Beta 1 Launches New Microsoft Web Activities

Click here to download Internet Explorer 8 Beta


dawgama said...

nici nu l-am instalat ca am si bug :)

INconstantIN said...

Am vazut ca si Zoso se plangea initial ca ii arata blogul aiurea rau, coloana din mijloc se incheie pe la insemnarea n#5..., dar am vazut ca a rezolvat cu meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=8″

Anyway, Mozilla rulezzzzz!!!!!