Has YouTube changed its logo?

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If taking into account the fact that only few days ago I was speaking about the change in the logo ot the Discovery Channel, it seems that we've entered the logo-change race:)! I saw today that YouTube has a different logo on its site. I wonder whether it's permanent or not.

YouTube Logo Changed

However, those of you who have an account on YouTube will still have displayed the old, or better said, the usual YouTube logo when you log in into your account, as it can see seen below.

YouTube Logo

Of the three most famous and most recent logo changes uptil now, it seems that the one at YouTube (if permanent and not only for today, it's the Earth Day on the 22nd of April, as we all know) is by far better than the other two:

P.S. A video for the genius designers within us:D The legitimate question here would be why there is no "MeTube, Broadcast Myself" message in the end?!!?

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Anonymous said...

I think it has not! It's Earth Day today:D (same w/ Google logo!)We'll c!

INconstantIN said...

I said that in my post:). However, it looks more user-friendly, doesn't it?:D

Anonymous said...

Globalizing, u mean?!

I like more the "bleeding" one. They could have changed it on their Blog, too.


Hungry for news?

Or just a good observer?

INconstantIN said...

"Globalizing" is the right word, yes:D!

I'm always hungry (news included:D), and, hopefully, a good observer:)!